IDEATE California is an issue-specific policy development and public relations company providing results to business, non-profit, private and philanthropic sectors.  IDEATE's policy development focuses on developing and implementing local, state, and federal solutions. IDEATE's public relations concentrates on public and private education, business development, building partnerships and coalitions, and political networking.    

IDEATE has a reputation of developing policy solutions, strengthening networks, and providing working solutions. 

IDEATE California's public policy areas of expertise include:

  • Utilities -  low income access, low income wireless, distributed generation, energy efficiency, smart cities, weatherization, consumer protections.
  • Education - P-20 cradle to career policies, pathways, achievement gap, college and career preparation, access and equity. 
  • Health - workforce, access.     
  • Sustainability - land use, parks, greenways, access and equity.
  • Workforce Development - wealth attainment, economic development, retirement, investing in human capital.
  • Criminal Justice - re-entry infrastructure, sentencing reform, youth incarceration, justice reinvestment.             

IDEATE's leadership has more than 20 years experience in moving policy agendas forward and building proven partnerships.